Greater productivity

Streamlined integration

Efficient workflow

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Smart integration – agility to keep your client in the picture

Caseflow Acumen suite integrates with your key business systems to give you the flexible case and matter management solution that you’re seeking.

Smart workflow – streamlined, productive and effective

Looking for a way to introduce workflow into your caseload?  Caseflow Acumen Plus gives the most complete combination of workflow, document automation and flexible data capture.  Ensuring that your teams hit the mark, every time.  Even better is a typical productivity improvement of around 60%.

Smart practice – flexible standardization, risk management and practical oversight

Introduce bite-sized processes to help your legal teams make small wins which make a big difference to your bottom line.

Caseflow Acumen puts control into the hands of your people and lets you offer them automation that puts them in control.

Did you know?

Caseflow Acumen offers an exciting alternative to efficient and powerful document automation.  Generate one-off letters, memos and advice letters directly from within Microsoft Word.  Draft new documents using the built in Clause Library.  A system designed for the entire organisation built on the strength of the Caseflow Server.